Monday, March 4, 2013


That last post left things on a bit of a downer didn't it! 
I actually had a great weekend. Which is, I'm sure, the reason for this mornings glum-fest.

Wanna see some of my photos?

I was met at the airport by my bff and we headed out for lunch straight away.
Destination: Manly. 

I haven't spent much time there since I was a child so it was kind of like rediscovering it for me. I liked it.

Celebrating the end of my 7 day detox with a glass of champagne. Eeeek!

And lots of WATER.

Stormy skies but ever so pretty.

 We moved inside when it got too windy outside. Loving this cushion collection.

My best friend C.

I love her to bits. And she - she loves her phone. Lol. But then, *cough* so do I . 
We are a good match :) #iphonejunkiesunite

 I had the roast beetroot and goats cheese salad.

AND I managed the willpower to abstain from eating C's chips with her. Phew. 

 Manly harbour. 

Coffee at Max Brenner. My first caffeine / chocolate / dairy hit in 7 days. 

Oh! And this is the reason for my trip >> tickets for Ed Sheeran. Most exciting.
The concert was AMAZING by the way! Have you seen him perform??!

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