Saturday, April 16, 2011

Upper and Lowercase letters | Memory game

I'm back in2 my lovely curriculum guides from New Child Montessori and 1 of the activities this week called for making a set of Upper and Lower Case Letter cards.  I was a bit excited as I think it's a great activity for Lovely to sink his teeth into - this kiddo LOVES memory games - and the perfect reinforcement activity for Hug who is a very strong reader now but can still confuse the direction of letters when he's writing. 

I pulled out some metallic card stock (that just happened to be sitting around in my art supplies for the past 10+ years waiting to be used - what's with that??!)  and got to making the cardboard tiles.  These are 4cm x 4cm. And a little rough - Hug and I cut them out together ;)

I'm trying to get back into using my sewing machine a bit more - and I'm particularly interested in sewing on paper - so I fashioned a simple pocketed sheet to keep them in by stitching smaller pieces of card against a backing card. And then busted out the label maker (I've dreamt of this baby for years. So happy to actually have one! Lol) 

My first prototype featured my own handwriting which I later decided to cover with printed letters in a traditional Montessori script (please let me know if you would like me to email you a copy of this pdf. I downloaded it years ago & can't find the source to credit so I won't upload it here) which not only is a nice middle ground between print and cursive but which also highlights all of the vowels by making them a different colour than the regular letters. 

The cards are organised and introduced in these Montessori-defined groupings: 


So, the idea is that you introduce 1 set of letters at a time, using the 3 Period Lesson. Layout as matching cards and then extend to a game of memory. As each set is mastered another can be introduced.

I shall upload some pix of the activity in action next week :) 

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  1. Hey Amber

    Great to see you back on the blogging scene! I would love a copy of the montessori font if you would be so kind as to email it to me? Thanks, Meg (from WA)

  2. This is beautiful. Truly simple and perfect font!

  3. Amber, could you please email me the font, too? Jbeerman (at) gmail (dot) com.

    I want to make one for home and for school!


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