Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rainbow Easter Egg Surprise!

Feeling inspired by lots of lovely easter crafts I've seen online I decided that we would try & make our own version of these beautiful eggs featured on the very groovy Not Martha blog :) Rainbow eggs with a suprise!

First I set up glasses of liquid food colours in a rainbow selection. I had blown & sterilised the egg shells earlier in the week so we were ready 2 get dying. 

Dip! Dip! We drew on some of the egg shells with a wax crayon before we dipped. And stuck removable stickers on others. 

Voila! Ready to dry... 

Now, the 'plan' is that this afternoon I will fill the dried eggs with mini easter eggs and seal the open end by gently gluing a mini patty-pan onto the shell... Wish me luck!

We will share them with our little-friends tomorrow morning - there's a street Easter Hunt planned - & I'm sure that all of the kids will enjoy both the cracking and the surprise filling :)

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  1. I love your blog. You should come link up some of your ideas this Friday with my Fun for Kids Friday Link Up.

    Heather @

  2. Why thank u Heather :) I might just have to do that!! x

  3. Why thank u Heather :) I might just have to do that!! x


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