Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Lego maths

While we were away recently Hug asked his daddy how 1 Billion was written. This was how T showed him. 

A few minutes later he started playing with his Lego & came over & showed me that he was making a pyramid like the one daddy wrote out for a billion. We talked about it more for a little & then Hug happily continued with his Lego while T & I marvelled over the Lego straight-sided pyramid & what a simple way that was to see how 1 billion was 10 to the power of 9! 

I don't think I ever saw it that clearly even through years of Maths at high school. I don't yet know what Montessori lessons this would relate to (I'd love if someone could tell me) but I'm excited to be on that journey along with my munchkins.

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  1. This probably relates most closely to the Hierarchy of Numbers lesson (an elementary lesson). If you send me an email, Amber, I'll send you the presentation from my manual. Can't post it here, as too long!

  2. Wow this is really amazing. Just found you through another blog. You have a lovely site!

  3. So much fun. I've been reading up on unschooling math and your family seems to do math somehow similarly.

  4. yes, this looks very much like the hierarchy of numbers lesson! it would also go well with the book "how much is a million" which is a fun one.

  5. Thanks p.s :) Meg from The Secret of Childhood sent me that lesson which will be brilliant!

    Koko's mama - I'm taking that as a big compliment as I really connect with a lot of unschooling ideas :)

    And finally - Welcome Amber! Love your name ;)


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