Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The family that paints together stays together :)

I set up some art materials the other afternoon to greet us all after work/school. I had bought these cute easels at ikea & I wanted to provide some inspiration so I added the much-used Kandinsky cards we have. Note to self: must print out more art cards!

Lovely's interpretation. He's totally into black at the moment which is why he chose this print. I'm just trying to go with it but can't wait for him to be over it ;)

Dada T with his work in progress...

My attempt.

And finally - Hug's. My most favourite of the afternoon. Don't you this is beautiful? Maybe I'm just plain biased :)

We painted on canvas sheets using these Lyra paints that Hug got for his birthday. I love doing family projects together. What arty things do you like to do all together?

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  1. Beautiful pictures!! Love the color of the paint.

  2. I love this!!! I hope to have a family painting day when my kids are old enough. :)

  3. Hug's painting is definitely beautiful! I love all of them. We tried doing this together once, and I really enjoyed it. We'll have to do it again.

  4. Wow! Great paintings. Can I ask where you got that amazing looking placemat thingo (?) that is in the photo with the easel? the print is sitting on it. Caught my eye. (:

  5. Love all the unique interpretations! We used to have family drawing night each evening and then once we moved got out of the habit. Really need to start it back up again! Have to dig out the top of our dining room table first though.. ha.. it's covered right now in piles of library books and half-finished art projects. :)

  6. Ahhh, I'm happy to see that lots of families are getting arty together :)

    Yes, our dining table needs to get a daily dig-out too - or if it's clean the sideboard next to it needs some shovelling!

    MoaMM - I think you might mean the translucent mat with the tree silhouette... it's a thick plastic (I guess?) mat and I bought a set so the boys use them as 'art mats' . Ie. whenever there is any artistic endeavour going on (as there is multiple times each day ;) they must go and get an art mat first. They get a battering so it's good that they're thick and sturdy! I just bought them when they were on sale at a local design store & I know that you're in Australia too but they don't seem to have a name on them. Sorry! But I'm sure you could find something similar. p.s I looked out for that rug you have when I was at ikea recently but things were geting a little "busy" at that point so I missed it. Oh well. I can just admire yours :)

  7. Oh no, not bias... I would totally frame that one. It is beautiful!



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