Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What have I been doing for the past 41 days?

Wow. How time flies! I have been having a bit of voluntary computer-free time plus we've been away a few times plus H was sick for a little while, too... But I can't believe so much time went by without any blogging!

Today is Wednesday & I *finally* had a chance to look at all of my favourite creative + Montessori blogs - there has been a lot of activity out there while I've been out of the loop! L and I tried a little bit of homeschooling this morning but I don't think the energy was right so we grabbed the pram and went for a gorgeous walk in the sunshine. Ahhhh, nothing like sunshine to make you smile :)

Anyways, here is a catch up...

Flying to Sydney for j+j's wedding and getting to play with cousins

L's "big bed" finally arrived in a big truck that was met by the boys with much fanfare! We made a number of batches of Spelt Anzac biscuits and home-made muesli with all our delicious, organic stash from Santos and I spent time looking at lots of fun old photos like this one from the halcyon Byron Bay days. 

We went to Mooloolaba with T for a writers fest and enjoyed a lot of rain and some rainy-day fun. T and I celebrated our anniversary with Moroccan takeaway in the hotel room and I made a slideshow of all our old loved-up pix together .

There were artistic pursuits like egg dying and nature walk photography.

Time for lots of learning work for H+L and a 28 day detox for T and I.

And our bathroom / dining room makeover of 2008 - the boys were so involved and absolutely *loved* doing their own busy building work... and for the final pix - enjoying the winter sunshine on the beach at lennox.

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