Friday, June 27, 2008

Things I've accomplished today!

I know it's funny when you have to write yourself this kind of list - but, really, as a Mama it's easy to lose track of all the things that you actually got done or were happy with. So, I'm challenging myself to pop back to the computer each time I think of something today :)

Friday June 27, 2008

My card for Bella

Hug's Pirate

Lovely's Bat-person

+ I made a birthday card for a little friend who's party we will be going to tomorrow

+ I gathered the bits and pieces needed to make some i-spy ice blocks for the boys to play with in the bath (I've been *thinking* about this one for ages so it's great to have actually done it!

+ I did a craft activity with Hug before he went to preschool. I had printed out this activity from Kiddley and we really enjoyed dressing these little people, though we used patterned paper instead of fabric.

+ I made a yummy pre-school lunch for Hug

+ I got out some paints for L (instead of worrying about any potential *mess*!) and was so impressed by his beautiful results. I must give him more access to the art supplies.

+ I read a pile of books to Lovely before and after his nap (Right now I can hear him in the other room reading this book to himself and saying "No!" ever so loudly. Too cute :)

+ I got the washing moving again

+ I did the food shopping with Little-L

+ I picked up Huggy from preschool 

+ I cooked vegetarian hotdogs for dinner and we ate at the coffee table for fun :) Hug did a *great* job of setting the table

+ I had the very first shower with our new shower-screen fitted!

+ I watched a movie with T - Into The Wild

+ I took L out to look at he stars when he woke up in the night, upset, and couldn't get back to sleep. And then we snuggled him into bed with us while we continued the movie. It was a really sweet moment in time :)

The ice-blocks

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  1. Hi! I just read one of your comments on Montessori Mama. We just did Ice blocks outside today. you have a fun site. My son went to Montessori Preschool this past year and now I am hooked on Montessori! I'll be checking back. My oldest son is also 4 3/4 (turning 5 in August).


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