Friday, August 8, 2014

The Good { Rainbow } Brew : Probiotic Water Kefir

I love our local artisan food producers! 

This area abounds with a lot of dynamic, wholesome energy. And, if you follow me on instagram you might have seen a sneak-peak of this beautiful water kefir from The Good Brew yesterday!

The Good Brew is a little probiotic micro-brewery based here in Bangalow. In fact, it’s being brewed on-site in one of fave go-to coffee places: Utopia Cafe. Yay!

Ty gave me a bottle to try { he knows I try to balance my coffee-love with other more beneficial vices! } and I couldn’t help but photograph it before I opened it :) Yes I’m a sucker for pretty things. True.

Don’t know the inside facts on kefir? 
Let's Let our Good Brew bottle do the talking:
“Our water kefir is an all natural, alive and refreshing fermented probiotic super drink that’s raw, vegan and gluten-free. It’s full of friendly bacteria and beneficial yeast, on top of that it’s loaded with valuable enzymes, pre-digested nutrients, vitamins and minerals. All kick-starting your digestion and boosting your immune system.”

Drink up!
Have you tried coconut, milk or water kefir? I'd love to hear about it. 

Amber. XO

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  1. Sounds DIVINE. I'm on a mission to make kefir and kombucha in the next few weeks. Wish me luck ;)... {How lucky are you, I LOVE Bangalow, plus you have easy access to Byron Superkraut, non?} xx

    1. Hi Kris,

      Do you mean the 'Peace, Love, Vegetables' sauerkraut? Do you know that they do a coconut kefir now? It's pretty special. We tried it at that detox I attended.

      Yes, Bangalow is a fun place to live. Love it.

      I did a fermentation workshop in Mullumbimby a year ago or so; we learnt how to make sauerkraut and kimchi and sourdough pancakes and kefir and kombucha... and I attempted some things at home over the following weeks - but then I got a bit freaked out & stopped. Lol. I wish you more success than I had!!!

      p.s. My husband is home tonight { yay! } and I just served the kefir in Champagen glasses and he loved it! #happy :)

      Amber. x


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