Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's June and this is the weekend edition.

I changed my calendar over today and thought I'd share. Here is L featuring as Mr. June 2012!

I personalised calendars for the first time last Christmas, using Albumworks, and was more than thrilled with how they turned out. I'll definitely be making more in the future.  Cute, huh?

And this is what I've been reading, watching  & listening to this weekend...

:: Beauty that Moves is one of my favourite blogs. Dreamy beautiful and thoughtful. I particularly love her ideas regarding the art of conversation. I look forward to being there.
"Our homeschool these days is very much about conversation. As we fully enter the scholar years for Emily, I am concerned less and less with test scores and textbooks (I was never too concerned with them, but we do use some curriculum that calls for both of these things). What I really care about is, "Can she talk about this subject?  Is she well enough versed in this particular author or political act or scientific discovery to be able to have a conversation about it, could she teach it back to me?" 
Isn't that what the pursuit of knowledge is all about?"

:: FIMBY celebrating the arrival of 13. And considering the dance that is in their imminent future. 

We are still a long way off 13 around here but the inevitable discussions about our boy's high-school education often lead me to considering it. And Renee's take is food for thought...

"In our home, we're calling these the young adult years. So, you won't see me referring to my kids as teenagers. A semantic quibble? Maybe. But I believe that what you name things matters."

::  Spending hours reading through the adventures of Penelope Trunk. Always entertaining! 

::  Tracey asks "Do you need to get out more?" over at MFP.

It's always a challenge balancing the family energy isn't it. We do loads of outside activities here. Sometimes it feels overwhelming but I do believe that it's really important for the children. And, ummm, essential for me ;) Currently I have the boys in separate Scout troops, a drama and performance class, swimming lessons, a fortnightly art class and weekly Soccer (one training-afternoon and match-day). That's activities 6 days a week. And it means we aren't doing music which I really want to squeeze in somewhere! We also had a french tutor coming last term but I'm yet to work out where she fits into our current schedule. What activities are your kids signed up to?

:: Taking this Myer-Briggs personality test. Weirdly spot on.

:: Listening to the very beautiful music of Ethiopian pianist Samuel Yirga and Maori singer/songwriter Maisy Rika - two brilliant new music suggestions from friends.

:: Watching this because my son thought it was hilarious :) Jack-Jack Attack.

:: And finally, did you know that you can now stream talks from the Ted app? Very cool.

L has booby-trapped the house. And himself. Lol.

H in Lego world. 

Leaving you with a few scenes from this lazy Sunday... What are you up to? 

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  1. Mr June 2012 is mighty handsome!
    We do ballet, swimming and one park day weekly and then another homeschool group park day fortnightly , that's all we can handle ATM:)

  2. I so agree with you that being able to discuss subject matter is much more valuable than test scores. I also LOVE Jack-jack attack. My kids giggle for hours after watching it. I am so going to have to watch it again now!

    Kyle Sadler

  3. Helloooo!

    - Hmmmm, yes... I need to start getting to our local HS park meetup too. But, our local one is Friday afternoon & the kids are often keen to just hang out at home by then! (as funny as that sounds for homeschoolers :) We've been traveling quite a lot recently - which means extra afternoons on catchup classes.

    Kyle - if my eldest son could get "tested" on his jack-jack /Incredibles knowledge at the moment that'd be something. Lol. He certainly won't stop talking about it ;)


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