Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lego Animation Studios: Harry Potter and more

The holidays are almost over.
How can that even be possible? It only feels like yesterday that I was wondering what we would do for the next 8 weeks!

There are a few little "summer holiday" projects that we still need to work on. Like helping Hug to finish sewing badges onto his Scouts shirt. And... hmmmm, I'm sure there are more!

But one of the cool things that we have finished, however, are these Lego stop-motion movies that the boys started last year. I know I said "we" but really they worked on them with their dad - each boy directing his own one with T on camera.  I'm just basking in the glow ;)

So without further ado I present: "Harry Potter - Platform Nine and Three Quarters"

And "The Big Crash":

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