Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Listening / Reading / Dreaming

I am...

Listening to this inspired talk by John Taylor Gatto.

Reading about Charlotte Mason.

Dreaming of ordering Montessori Math manipulatives.

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  1. John Taylor Gatto! Love him. I heard this talk after it was posted at AERO, I think it was (www.educationrevolution.org). He's so refreshing. My first exposure to him was this article, The Seven Lesson School Teacher, available at www.newciv.org/whole/schoolteacher.txt

    Charlotte Mason! Love her, too. Her 6-volume set of books that she wrote is free at www.amblesideonline.org/CM/toc.html

    Montessori Math! Ah, love it, too. We've been introducing math with some Montessori tools, some cheapos, and some homemade. I find Montessori Outlet to offer some of the best prices on authentic, high-quality items.

    Thanks for all you share. I look forward to reading your Meme if you get time. (No problem if not!)

    In response to your earlier question: It would be fun if you called me Bea -- that's my middle name. Most people call me Glory, or my family calls me Glory Bea.

  2. I just clicked your last link, to see it went to Montessori Outlet. I go there to dream, too :) Those beads are SOOOOO nice!


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