Monday, September 8, 2008

An early birthday and farewell

Seeing we are so close to Hug's birthday I thought that a birthday celebration with his friends would be a nice way to spend his last afternoon at preschool. 
I would have thought that I would want to spend every second of that last day of peace and quiet in luxurious relaxation but I was actually rather emotional & felt like doing sweet things for my big boy so cake making it was.

I made 3 dozen chocolate cupcakes! More than enough for all of the children in the class and the teachers and extras for home.

Lovely gave lots of licking help.

The special birthday cuppie with 5 smarties and a blue wrapper.

And the final collection all ready to go. I included lots of strawberries too, to make it a little bit healthier. Yum. I really enjoyed watching the celebrations. Being a Montessori school I hadn't had the opportunity to spend much time in the room during "class time" before. Lovely was able to join in the circle time, sitting with Hug and they both got up when it was time to talk about him. Awww, sweet.

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