Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Beautiful Byron Bay-Bali Breastfeeding Buddha Babes: Atlas & Everest | Part 2

Following up from last night's post { Atlas and Everest | Part 1: Sleep } here is the rest of the dreamy baby-bliss...

"... a little child, born yesterday, 
A thing on mother's milk and kisses fed..."  
From 'Hymn to Mecury' translated from Greek.

There's actually a part 3 {hahahaha, yeah I know I suck at editing them down - but do you blame me?! ;) } in the works too - which includes some more formal family shots I took when everyone woke up and got dressed. 

But these are the photos that I somehow imagined taking when the idea to photograph Claire came into my head. Tender, intimate and true. 

"It was spontaneous and wonderful. The boys were napping, and she just started snapping pics. She caught the boys in a way I've been trying to imprint on my mind forever. Every crease, every corner of their tiny bodies. Without talking, she snapped the pics my heart has been wanting. To blow up big. And hold forever. Thank you @ambermelody. Thank you universe. Thank you instagram, and this incredible community. I'll never forget them [as they were then] now".

Yes we met on instagram :) 

I had suggested that I come over during their nap-time but baby Everest woke up during the shoot { he actually kept opening his eyes while he was asleep too! Classic. You can see one of those images in yesterday's post here. Too cute. And very funny } and Claire picked him up to feed him and settle him back into sleep. 

I checked to make sure she was okay for me to keep shooting while she nursed him. She was. In fact, she was happy for me to share the photos here too so I kind of think we are all a little bit privileged :) A little bit of baby-mama breastfeeding magic { I wish I had photos like this from when my babies were still little }.

And yeah, while Atlas slept the whole way through, Everest - or Sochi as they call him - didn't go back to sleep. Whoops! Sorry Claire ;) I think he was a little surprised when he finally registered my camera and I { scroll to the bottom of the post! } hahahah #cute but really... he only had eyes for his mama. As it should be. Love. 

Amber. XO

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Merci beaucoup! xx

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