Saturday, February 22, 2014

53/365 Reunited

Flying down to Sydney this weekend meant I not only got to see my best friend after six months away and celebrate her 40th birthday with her (hopefully she will agree to have some party photos feature on the blog) but I also got to finally see my doggy!!! 

Claire has been looking after Boston for the whole time we've been travelling. She's the best surrogate dog-mama ever :) I love these two.

It was very hard to leave him today but Lovely and Hug can't wait til they get to come visit next week and then he'll be home with us by the end of March. Hooray! 

p.s. Boston has his very own facebook page! The Adventures of Boston Bosley. Give him some lurve. And if you're not already following the Rainbow Mama FB page please swing past there and LIKE it too. x 

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