Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Walk In Our Neighbourhood

I have been inspired by the lovely JoJoEbi at A Bit Of This And A Bit Of That for what must be years now. She's a Brit-expat living in Japan and embracing all things Montessori and crafty (please do yourself the favour of visiting her site if you're not familiar with it :)

Anyways, Jo recently posted the first of her series of Neighbourhood Walks Around The World and offered to link up other blogs that would do the same. You can see the full tour schedule here.

So, here's my neighbourhood... The first 6 photos are items that had to be included and the rest are just a few extra things I thought were cool. Enjoy!

1. A post box:

Australian mail boxes. Big and little.
2. A local store/cornershop:

This is the closest shop to our house; a little fruit and veg store with yummy gourmet deli bits, gluten-free bread, milk, free-range eggs, that sort of thing.

3. A manhole cover:

I honestly don't know if there are any proper manhole covers around here. This was the best I could do!

4. A park/play area:

We have a little one just next door to our house but my boys love this one about 15 minutes away much more.

5. A view of a typical street:

6. Local form of transport:

There used to be trains in our area but they stopped years ago. There's not much public transport to speak of so most people have their own car.

+ We live near a particularly stunning beach :)

+ Happy seagulls.

+ There's plenty of funky kids running about.
+ A little further afield (about 5 hours south/west)

+ It was thrilling to see the late-autumn leaves lining the streets on our recent road-trip (our local trees are more tropical so we don't get many around here)

+ Home :)

What are the favourite things about your neighbourhood? x

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  1. you house is lovely!
    and why are there two sizes of post box?

    thank you for join in and filling in the Oz spot at the last minute.

  2. Thanks Jo!

    They call this type of house a 'Queenslander'. I adore old houses - even if they are completely impractical :)

    & - I have no idea why there are 2 sizes of letter box... I must investigate that. Lol.

    Thanks again for including me in your tour. xx

  3. Maybe one box for inner mail and one for other countries? I saw something like that somewhere ... Anyway, can I move in with you? I just love your house! Beautiful ... :)

  4. Thanks Merita! It is a gorgeous house :)

  5. It looks so sunny and cheery! Even your seagulls look pretty.

  6. Your seagulls are so much prettier then ours :)

  7. I love your town, except not have public transport, otherwise everything is beautiful. Especially the house, like everyone has mentioned:)


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