Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Juice Of The Day: Apple, Carrot & Beetroot

With the help of my trusty assistant we had a delicious blood-red juice this morning. Apple, Carrot (organic) & Beetroot (organic). Yum. 

We use a Gear Juicer (ours is made by Samson) - which makes it so easy - and safe - for kids to juice.

There are lots of great lessons in this activity. They know how to build it, use it, pour the juice & dismantle it. All I do is cut the fruit & vegetables into small enough pieces - no peeling or coring required ;) & let them at it. I really probably don't need to do the cutting but I like to be helpful too!

 Lovely is my juice maestro but today Hug was home from school (he had to be collected after falling from a cubby house in the morning. Thank goodness after a check over by our doctor we know he's okay) and he took the reigns.

Thanks Hug :) It was so delicious. 

p.s. You can read more about the benefits of gear juicers here. x

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  1. Such beautiful juice! Sounds tasty too.
    : )

  2. Your excellent guidelines will be of great help to many. Nice post. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks!



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