Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Activity | Colour Experiment

After we'd dyed our share of eggs for the day we were left with all of the dyes. Hug remembered this experiment with milk (which we did sometime early last year) & on his own initiative set off to recreate it. 

Pour milk (full cream) into a dish. 
Add a few drops of food-colour (red/yellow/blus) in separate areas of the bowl.
Squirt in some dish liquid.
Sit back & watch as the colours swirl & merge & mix. 

Hmmm, the milk we happened to use was low fat (it's the mix of the fat in the milk & the detergent that makes this magic happen) & the colours being watered down meant that it didn't really work this time but I was so impressed that Hug had remembered it!

Definitely worth a try if you happen to have spare colours after doing your eggs. I found this link to the same experiment if you want a bit more detail. I first discovered it for myself when I went to a Montessori  'Journey & Discovery' weekend. So much fun!

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