Monday, April 21, 2008

Big catch-up

Where did the past 12 days go?!?
Well, here we are - still in the land of snot & sniffles. Urk! At least my ears are clear now :) Actually I think Hug is pretty good and I am definitely on the mend (with a little way to go...) as is L. T seems to have escaped it which is lovely - must be his strong composition after Bali!

When I last posted I was thinking about the school options and that was followed by the *usual* rollercoaster of plans / thoughts / changes :) Hug needs move creative input / output was a big theme... but then things shifted (as they always do) & it became clear that D at BK was really adding a new creative element to his classroom and inspiring some new ideas and approaches and methods. I think he  has responded really well and that it has actually (from my perspective at least) reinvigorated his focus and interest at school. She actually went to the library on the weekend (last) and got out some Modernist books, especially Miro and Mondrian. And I was left feeling that instead of opening new paths Steiner may actually restrict Hug's artist practise and creativity. I also learnt a little more about Reggio Emilia (inspired by this interview) and the concept of helping your child to "communicate with 100 languages" which I really dig. I also thought that focused trips M's studio, and S's too now that I think of it would be good.

Montessori: In regards to the school... well, it certainly was an up and down week and a bit! I was down on it all after our last meeting & *clearly* the feeling was mutual because D left a message later in the week basically bowing out. I called her back - to express my relief! - but only got her machine so didn't get to really talk it through. We were due to meet at D2's that Tuesday so I then called her... only to pick up her vision. Keep moving slowly forward. Try to organise for an event in BB later this year, maybe even a 1 or 2 day indepth introduction to Montessori, that can bring people to our cause. Stop the regular meetings, per say, but keep in contact on phone & just meet when necessary. I kind of liked that idea. I didn't want to completely abandon the idea, but it was feeling a bit overwhelming.

Now, I have been doing my reading for the PEACE course and everytime I read something my heart + mind just say YES. I really believe it's the right option for us. So, I'm back :) I need to call D & see if she made the calls she spoke about & then work towards my next step: putting a concept job application "out there"!

World trip: SO, going back a few steps. There was also the "big trip"conversations! I think as part of our mutual frustrations (me: montessori/school decisions) + T (domestic boredom) decided that we should be heading off on a big adventure with the boys. Ie. leave school decisions + day-to-day responsibilities and boredom behind. We got really juiced, discovered some great family rtw blogs like soultravellers3 and started planing itineraries. But... last night T was working out how much money we would have towards said trip and I was admitting that my enthusiasm had waned. I reeeeally do want to travel, but i guess i'm just not so hot on starting to sacrifice every dollar and every little treat again just as we are *finally* catching back up financially from our fabulous france trip. T has decided that he should continue to focus on expanding his work in an international way - using the connections he already has and seeing what may happen :)

Flylady/organisation: It was very clear to see that we haven't been focusing on the house much this year. We have been consistent with a few of our daily jobs but the weekly stuff/zone work/hotspots etc. wasn't being handled. We needed a major declutter and a big clean up - which we have really got into! I am proud to say that on Sunday we completely salvaged the main bookcase in the living area which was a big problem. Today, I scrubbed down the kitchen bench  /scrubbed out the bath / mopped w our home blessing / washed the couch cover... a big difference. The next step: sorting out the boys clothes shelves *again* ;)

Home improvements: I am finally also getting our bathroom plans under control again. We kind of dropped the ball about a month ago and left ourselves with a big pile of disorganied quotes and papers. It was a nightmare! So, today: Order placed at Reese, toilet order (with soft-close seat (cheeky ;) and a few plans in place. Yippee! We have decided to enjoy this opportunity to make a diffence in our home.

This week I also finished J+J's invitations :)

Wow. That's a lot! Ciao.

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